Low-power Firmware for M3X release




  • Mohammad

    Hi when I want to download it from Google Drive we got error and google detect virus in files and don't let me download this

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  • Anita Applebum

    Dear pangolinminer.

    Same problem like Mohammad

    We tried to download the low power firmware for m3x whatsminer, Then It says it contains a virus from the google cloud !???


    Please help us with our updates,

    Where can we download our save firmware for m3x whatsminer???

    Kind regards Anita  Applebum

    Ps it was my idear to buy all these whatsminers because they where so strong solid and nice build. but now i look so stupid and they hate me for not taking bitmain miners.. dont let them be right! whatsminer rules!..

    Please help me





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  • Josele Garza

    Unable to find upgrade-whatsminer- common-AutoVol.tgz file, please post a link to it.

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